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Fruit Compote | Avant Garde | Ethiopia

Fruit Compote | Avant Garde | Ethiopia

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Flavor Notes Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Fig, Cacao, Milk Chocolate, Peach, Raspberry
Primrose x Project Origin
Region Uraga, Guji

Mixed Heirloom

Carbonic Maceration, Natural (Jasper)

1,950 - 2,300 MASL



 As we present this fantastic coffee we wanted to tell you about Carbonic Maceration Processing.

 The carbonic maceration process uses cherries that are picked perfectly ripe, hand-sorted, and floated to remove over-ripe and under-ripe cherries. The washed CM Selections coffees (CMW) are pulped before being placed in temperature and humidity-controlled tanks flushed with carbon dioxide (CO2) to remove all oxygen (O2) from the tank. After fermentation, the coffee is dried on raised beds for 12-18 days before being stored and milled. Our natural CM Selections (CMN) are placed in the tanks still in whole cherries. After fermentation, the natural coffee is dried on raised beds for 30 days or more before being stored and milled. It is this time in controlled tanks filled with CO2 that creates the CM Selections profiles.

 The process was first introduced to the specialty coffee industry by Project Origin’s founder Saša Šestić during the 2015 World Barista Championship in Seattle. Since then, Project Origin has led the research and development of a range of CM techniques in coffee.

 Fruit Compote as we call it, is a coffee that comes from Project Origin’s selection of the finest carbonic maceration processed coffees crafted for the year.

We really hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do!

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