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Pink Blossom | Avant Garde | Colombia

Pink Blossom | Avant Garde | Colombia

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Flavor Notes Red Tea, Pink Florals, Sweet Breadfruit, Strawberry, Cooked Orange
Granja Paraiso 92
Region Cauca

Pink Bourbon

Thermal Shock, Nuruk Yeast Fermentation. Double Anaerobic, Natural Drying

1,900 MASL.




 This coffee comes from the highly acclaimed Granja Paraiso 92 coffee farm in Colombia, owned by chemical engineer and master coffee grower Wilton Benitez. He is well known in the coffee industry for his innovation in coffee processes such as thermal shocking, and isolated yeast fermentations, both of which were utilized in the processing of this rare variety of coffee.

 Thermal shock as the name suggests, consists of exposing the coffee mass to a succession of high and low temperatures, sterilizing and homogenizing the coffee mass, preparing it for the subsequent inoculation of specific microorganisms in the fermentation phase. The culture used in processing this coffee comes from Nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter containing naturally occurring and multiplying microorganisms such as wild fungi, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria. The culture was chosen for its ability to process the coffee while retaining most of the naturally occurring sugars in the coffee.


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