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Savage Coffees | Apex

Savage Coffees | Apex

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Flavor Notes Champagne, Grape, Strawberry
Origin Panama
Roast Level Medium
Suitability Espresso, Long Black, Iced Coffee
Varietal Geisha
Process Natural, Carbonic Macerated Washed


Apex is a blend of exceptional geisha coffees that have been processed two ways - Natural and Carbonic Macerated Washed. These two coffees combine to create a balanced and well-bodied cup with notes of grapes, champagne, and strawberry.

Cultivated by hand under Panama's tropical rainforest canopy on the slopes of Volcán Barú, this coffee radiates variety and the exquisite terroir in which it is produced.

*Each box comes with 10 Nespresso®-compatible capsules.

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