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Guatemala - Regional Ayarza

Guatemala - Regional Ayarza

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Flavor Notes Orange, Caramel, Choclate
Producer Various Small Producers
Region Carmo De Minas
Varietal Caturra / Bourbon
Process Fully Washed
Altitude 1300-1500 MASL



The Regional coffee offering comes from the Ayarza region in the Department of Santa Rosa. There is a defining feature of this beautiful area, a lake formed from the crater of extinct twin volcanoes. This lake is called Laguna de Ayarza and you will find locals and tourists alike kayaking and scuba diving around the parts of the shores they can physically access.

As a result of this volcanic eruption that occurred over 20 000 years ago, the area is rich in volcanic soil, which now supports many local coffee producers. The climate hosts warm days and cool nights, that allow for an even maturation of the coffee cherries to produce fantastic tasting cups.

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